Sunday, October 23, 2011

Confession? well, you can put it that way.

I've never seen this one coming. Well, because from what I've experienced, a break has always been what I demand for since... what, 2009? well yeah, work loads kinda mess with your emotions and at the end of the day, all you're thinking about is just a perfect getaway of a nice Semester break. How come no one warned me that the break would be consummately... boring? yeah. I have done nothing besides a marathon of my all time favorite series and reading some novels. yeah that's it. Even now, I am currently ran out of what series to marathon for as all of my favorite ones have been watched & all the novels i bought have been safely digest. and so, my daily routine is the same. Every. Single. Day. Pschh. Just the thoughts of it is annoying enough to have me vomit.

So, I've upgraded my phone to iOS5 a couple of days ago. Yes, it does took forever to backup, install, backup again, sync apps & whatnot. It took me 4 freaking hours for the whole process to finished. Well, you know what they say, Patience is Virtue (right?). Anyway, its worth the wait. The drop down notification? How awesome is that! and I've got Lina to upgrade to iOS5 too, so that we could use the iMessage (which is free. Double Awesome!) and so, we did! we got all jovial and stuff. Lina was experimenting with Emoji and she came up with this,

I miss her already (x

and as hard for me to put this into words, let alone admitting it. I kinda miss Tapah. I miss studying (?) I miss the stress. Okay, stop it right there. Go take your chill pill Izzaty, pronto! Semester 2, come fast! & be nice okay ;B

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